With the sudden turn of events, we have decided to evolve and make life in quarantine liveable if not inspiring. Panimalay is an Ilonggo word which means “for the home”. It is a collection of artistically handmade and passionately, conscientiously designed ceramic art pieces that can be used as dinnerware, dècor or any other - at home.

With the same quest for excellence in creativity and craftsmanship, adhering to our advocacy of social and environmental awareness, we have decided to collaborate with EJ Espiritu, a ceramic artist best known to having the same values, principles and practices. Our creator, Trude Lizares, has applied her exposure on painting, arts, colors and forms on the Panimalay Collection. Having been an abstract painter herself before she became a fashion designer and being the daughter of Negros Art Patriarch Budot Lizares, a very close friend of National Artist Jose Joya, Trude Lizares has already ventured with painting on ceramic plates with her father and Jose Joya.

With Panimalay, Trude Lizares designs the colors and forms while EJ Espiritu hand makes the ceramic art pieces - a perfect collaboration between two distinct artists with two distinct talents but with the same mind, heart and passion for organic, social and environmental artistry with a purpose.

We invite you to visit our newest collection and indulge in these very unique, exclusive pieces that you can use at home or just treasure as pieces of art. With each piece comes our story and it is our hope that having us within the comforts of your home will bring hope and inspiration.

PANIMALAY: At home with a piece of art and a touch of class.

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