Fashion is not just aesthetics. It is a lifestyle – a fusion of the soul of the modern woman and her spirit of yearning for what is eternally true and beautiful.

Sleek, simple lines in rich fabrics designed to suit all body types, Trude Lizares is made especially for the woman who truly knows herself and is happy and confident about who she really is.


Trude Lizares: A Paradox


Indigenous and natural fabrics are given top priority to stay socially aware & environmentally friendly yet the modern, liberated, strong yet classic and classy woman is epitomized in every design. The pieces are handmade, hand embroidered and hand beaded to provide utmost uniqueness and creativity, add to that support the local industry and give livelihood to the local community instead of importing synthetic fabrics and laces nor subcontracting and having the pieces sewn abroad to cut on labour cost but kill our industry in the process.


Each piece is intrinsically designed, sewn and checked to ensure topmost quality.


The pieces are not considered mere pieces of clothing. These are rather works of art so that only a few of a kind are produced. Piña, an indigenous fabric made from Pineapple fiber, is highly utilised and promoted in bridal gowns. Linen is used in the PRESCO Collection.


The workers are inspired to believe in themselves.


They have realized they are not mere sewers who do the job only for the money. They put their heart and soul into the pieces knowing each piece is an extension of themselves. They are respected as artisans who have mastered their craft in producing pieces of art so that this livelihood has become an income generating passion and talent not just to the designer but to the workers themselves. Although there is a core team of highly experienced seamstresses who has been working at the atelier for almost 30 years now, there are some who work at home. Their self-esteem is uplifted as most of them work while they take care of their household. Their income equals or exceeds that of corporate workers.


Trude Lizares is not just a brand. It is a philosophy.

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