According to an article released by Fashion Revolution in 2017, 98% of workers within the fashion industry are unable to meet basic needs, and 75% of these workers are women ages 18 to 21. This is prevalent in the Philippines where social injustice is rather customary amongst local artisans. It is common for the workers to be underpaid and overworked.

In our continued efforts to understand and strengthen social equity, we ensure that our local artisans are being paid above average wages in an effort to move towards collective social improvement. Above average wage is three to four times higher than the minimum wage. It is equivalent if not exceeding the income of corporate workers in the country. Aside from their wages, yearly bonuses, housing, health care, retirement benefits are also provided.

On top of this, our artisans are treated with utmost respect.

Their skills are given so much importance that they are empowered to believe in themselves and understand that they are not just seamstresses who work only for income. They are respected as artisans, who have mastered their craft and produce pieces of art. We have a core team of highly experienced artisans who have been working with our designer for almost 30 years, all of whom we consider family. Even with the pandemic, we try our best to give them work so they will not cease to have hearty meals on their tables.

To us, this is giving them dignity and opportunity.

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