Here at Trude Lizares, sustainable practices are essential in all parts of our business - from where and how our fabrics are sourced and processed, our daily operations, the development of our pieces, packaging and in the recycling and limiting of waste.

According to the United Nations (2019), the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Approximately 93 billion cubic metres of water (enough to meet the needs of five million people), is being utilised annually by the fashion industry. Furthermore, about half a million tons of microfibre (which is equal to three million barrels of oil), is now being dumped into our seas each year (UNCTAD, 2019). With reference to carbon emissions, this industry is accountable for more than all international flights and maritime shipping collectively (United Nations, 2019)

Our commitment to environmental sustainability means that we only use natural fabrics such as 100% cotton and 100% linen sourced from Italy, Japan and Ireland as well as indigenous materials like Piña (made of Pineapple fibres) and Silk Cocoon (made by Silkworms) for our pieces.

For our 2021 initiative, we have also partnered with Negros Forest to plant a tree for every piece of clothing sold. Torrential rains and devastating floods plague the country every year during typhoon season. This partnership helps us combat the tragic consequences of climate change, rapid development, and deforestation that endangers the lives and homes of hundreds of Filipinos every year.

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